Your Gastro goes digital!

Digituu offers a wide selection of solutions to improve your business.

A phenomenon of today’s time is the lack of time. Time is the most precious commodity these days. It cannot be bought. Really? Really! You can’t buy the time, it’s true, but you can save it. Our products will save you the time.


Imagine that the waiter has not yet left the table, he is communicating with the customer, but his order is already being prepared. HOW? Thanks to our kitchen monitor, which is connected to the service.

Show your customers that you value their time and don’t make them wait for a drink or food. Save time for yourself, but also for your customers!

A gastronomic experience that everyone wants to feel!

Would you like to be a restaurant that offers the satisfaction of the customer’s basic needs, i.e. food, drink, or do you want to be a restaurant that offers an unforgettable experience?

Saving the time is fine, but you will not build a pleasant atmosphere if your employees are not satisfied. Save the kilometers of the waiter running between the kitchen and his area. Our systems connect the kitchen and service in a real time.

Thanks to our systems, your restaurant can be a place where people have a great meal, without waiting, and where the atmosphere is unique. People will come back to you and recommend you to their friends.

A lucrative place to work!

Become a company in which it is a pleasure to work. How? Look at your employees! Good atmosphere, no pressure and stress. Our software is designed to be operated by heart. What does it mean? Your employees don’t have to be frustrated with complex systems.

Intuitively, everything goes smoothly and they don’t need to think about what to press, where and when. 

The waiter talks to the customer and in the meantime enters the order to the kitchen, without having to concentrate on the system. Not possible? With digituu software no problem at all!

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