Digital Gastro.

Completely simple. Simply complete.

The complete digital solution initially provides the entire digital infrastructure for your digital restaurant. Fast, easy and unbeatably cheap.

We develop software for your company

Completely simple and systematic hospitality.

Digital menu - Selforder

Your guests can conveniently view the menu and place orders directly from their smartphones, making the ordering process more efficient and faster.


With digituu you can switch to electronic invoices quickly and easily.

(currently available only in Italy)

Table reservation

With just a few clicks, your guests make the reservation - and you and your team have the occupancy immediately in view.


We developed the individual, specialized gastro websites: You can get started right away and go online.

Digital chalkboard

Create impressive content in seconds without any graphic skills. You can showcase the menu, daily specials, and much more anytime.

Kitchen monitor

Our software allows you to quickly solve orders, additions, special requests and any changes and send them to the kitchen in real time and in the right order.

Social Media

With digituu, you can now easily boost occupancy through your own campaigns.

Voucher management

Through our website, Facebook, and in-store sales, we're setting new standards in innovative voucher marketing for you!


Our HACCP software makes the work easier for restaurateurs and enables fully digitalized management of all hygiene regulations.

My digital restaurant. As simple as never before.

We believe that the possibilities of the digital world also bring enormous advantages for gastronomy and hotel industry. And we are convinced that in a connected world, an integrated solution of all components leads to success for every business!

Do you want to see which tables have already been reserved online? Do you want to always check your inventory and keep an eye on your voucher sales with just one click? Anytime and anywhere? Then join us in using the digital module world in your digital restaurant. Always perfectly connected: For more time for your guests. For more success as a modern entrepreneur.

"Software operated by heart!"

We're developing a digital gastro intuitively operated by the heart. Completely simple and simply complete.
Simon Schenk
CEO, Digituu GmBh

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